Friday, April 28, 2017



Sebulan sebulan jugak la baru aku tulis something kat blog ni. Biaq pi lah berhabuk pun asalkan aku tulis sikit. Oh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i got some hot and juicy stories that i wanna tell and i'm freaking burning here.


I got the interview for TESL foundation then while we were buying stuffs for the 'day', my mom brought up about some of the teachers trying to make me look like i'm just a piece of shit when i was in school. Fyi, i was a good student and i had a lot of achievements!!

As a student, it's pretty normal if some of the homework kena tinggal or tak siap kan? Tapi idk lah wassup with some of the teachers kat pulau nyoq ni. Macam aku bunuh orang kalau aku tak siap kerja sekolah. Anak cikgu lain ok ja tak siap siap kena peluk lagi. Aku? OMG I WANNA DO THE ULTIMATE FACEPALM OF ALL TIME RIGHT NOW.

pilih kasih betul! I cannot live with these kind of people and thank God aku dah habis sekolah dah pun!


Even aku dah habis sekolah, they still wanna make me feel like im trash. A teacher is supposed to be loving, caring and cherish her students the way that she want her kids to be treated but heck no, i got treated like im garbage even tho my mom is damn nice to her students.

Tolong day when i become a teacher, i aint gonna treat my students like that. Everybody's special. GERAM LAGI GILA BABIES. OK IM DONE. IM SO DONE.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Life lessons with Wanis

Hi guys,
so it's been a long time since i write anything here. Haha. I've been experiencing things and i'm not being ciwi about life but it taught me some things that i've never really know before.

I had a relationship. 1 year 5 months relationship. It's pretty long for kiddos like us but we managed to go through it together. I am sad when he told me that he doesn't feel anything about love anymore and i kept begging him to stay and i think he feels sorry for me and that's why he stayed for another 2 months until i declared that we have nothing anymore.

I'm single and not ready to mingle. Breaking up hurts..the emotions that you have to carry and take care. They just vanished away like ice cream for the fat kid. Probably i was tired of being told that he doesn't want to go through all of this anymore and i didn't cry when i told him i wanted to break up with him. He was okay too. We're still friends..but the memories between me and him..? Every little thing is gone.

I am 18 and i had 2 serious relationships before. I got cheated, i got lied, i got false hope. Everything la. More to puppy love. Ugh..boys will always be boys. When they're perfect, they're not ready to face things. Haih

ok la i want to tell you guys no matter boy or girl, take care of yourself. Tak kira la awak in or out of a relationship. Jaga diri tu. Don't trust people too much, don't give people false hope. False hope is more likely to get friendzoned. Tell that person that you don't want him/her because of a reason. If you're not attracted to them, tell them straight to their faces. At least, they know why. Don't leave someone hanging alone while you're having fun.

You nak ke orang buat macam tu dekat you? Taknak kan so you buat perangai elok elok so karma doesn't strike back.

I really hope that the things happened to me..never ever happens to anyone. I have trust issues..and i hope you guys don't. Why da hell am i crying hahaha k ah bye